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Just a note that I'm currently planning to attend TABSCon XX on September 12. There's a few fun and relatively easy games on the schedule I plan to attend. Currently on my schedule is BSG, Pulp City & Fantastic Worlds.
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Yep! Now in podcast form!

Episode II coming soon.
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It very much reminds me of a split second bit from the Simpsons. Bart's been taken shopping and, upon noticing a security camera in the change room, writes a sign that reads "Get Bent" which he then shows to the camera.

Two highly armed security guards see him doing that and prepare to respond, but then they notice another girl who is not wearing the same socks she came in with. Rifles loaded, they head out.

And nothing is ever heard from them again.
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Doom tries stand up.
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Man, I love this song.
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Upper Deck gets Marvel games license.

This is bad for me, you see, because UD is probably the one company that's worse to deal with than WizKids was.

WotC remains obstinate, of course, but at least White Wolf has grown more cooperative, at least through their fan club.
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When you ask yourself "Did I ever finish that comic miniseries I was reading?" and after looking around find out it has been on hiatus for six months and you just noticed it now.

Ah, The Twelve. You were a fun read.
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So, I dug up the Polaris website and looked through the panelist info, and it seems like the schedule is mostly comlete. So below the cut are my

My Polaris schedule )

A few thoughts.

Saturday night's going to be busy. Boy, it's a good thing there isn't a large & popular event going on at that time!

Oh, wait. At least there's no fucking 1 am panels this year. Seriously, does the programming staff just hate me?

I appear to be alone on half of my panels. Including the one where I really, REALLY don't like the show. No one else seems interested in black superheroes or Scott Pilgrim. Just you wait! Hipster charm will win you over!

There's no sign that there's a Panels in Peril list, so I don't know what they'll do if I'm the only one interested.

I should re-read & re-watch the subjects of my panels, I guess.
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So this week over at he posted his regular (hey, this is four weeks now; that's regular) "Things I Liked This Week And Things I Didn't piece.

In it, he mentions this:
- President’s Choice makes passionfruit (and diet passionfruit) pop now? I sometimes think there is a little room at President’s Choice headquarters where there’s this one guy whose sole job is coming up with new flavors of pop. (I mean, it would explain the lychee soda they introduced last year.) But the passionfruit is easily their best entry since blackcurrant a couple of years ago (and why did they discontinue blackcurrant)?

Anyway, yesterday while shopping I picked up a bottle of the diet passionfruit pop. Very tasty. I strongly suspect the Lychee pop was made for cocktails.

And, as an interjection, I love the sound of the word passionfruit as spoken by someone with an Afrikaaner accent. I have no idea why. The pronounciation of the first syllable alone just makes me giggle.

Anyway: PC pops.

The post reminded me of a dark day for the PC brand. Back then, when the president was Dave Nicholl, they introduced a black cherry flavour of pop, which is delicious and probably explains why my belt size went up over the '90s.

They then introduced a variety called Chocolate Black Cherry, which combined PC Black Cherry with the taste of chocolate. It was sampled by a Global reporter visiting the PC Test kitchen, whose response was, well, what you'd expect from the description. To summarize: He d'int like it.

Now, this was on a Global tv program. It probably could have blown over if they'd ignored it. But Dave was apparently an easy man to anger. So Dave made that clip into part of his promotional plan. The commercials included the Global reporter gagging on his beverage, and daring consumers to try it themselves.

So, yeah, I tried it. And, oh lord, was it a betrayal of the prinicples of Black Cherry pop. Feh. It in fact sat in the fridge I shared with my roommates until they made me toss it out. And I hate tossing out food. It's been ingrained in me as one of the great sins. Even really, really bad food that is mostly sugar and carbonated water.

So, yeah, MGK, there's a lab of people whose sole purpose in life is brainstorming and creating pop flavours. Sometime it works. Sometime... it does not.
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Over on Mark Evanier's blog (which is such a great read, if only for his tales of the origin of Scrappy Doo) he reminds us that it's been 50 years since George Reeves died.

I remember that and I remember the great sense of shock my friends and I all felt. It wasn't the first time we'd heard a favorite TV person had died. Lou Costello had passed away three months earlier. But Mr. Costello's death was pretty normal and anyway, he wasn't Superman. The death of Superman cried out for twists and turns and a surprise ending...and while you played with all that, it was easy to forget how dreadfully sad it was. There was something about George Reeves on TV...some little twinkle and sense of humor that underscored his acting. When I've interviewed Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane to his Clark and Superman, I always ask her, "Was he has nice a man as it seems to us watching at home?" She always replies, "Even nicer." I think I'd rather remember than than the way it ended.

Reeves tenure as Superman predates... well, it predates me, significantly. I saw a few episodes of the show, but mostly I saw the Superman episode of I Love Lucy. Then there was the Afflect movie from a few years back.
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If you think it's a little Doors-esque, you're pretty right. Ray Manzarek on keyboards, even. This song would go well next to Genius in France.
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Lisa Raitt just can't get a break.

I should take her a few cupcakes from Flourgirls.
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They're making a sequel to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. But they're setting it in Civil War.

Feh. Thanks for fucking that up.
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you read this Star Trek fan fiction.

I would not do that.

If you do, you may find it interesting. The Star Wars one is the weakest.
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So today was the semi-annual Bayshore Hobbies Games Day Sale.

I got up at stupid early o'clock to head down to Hamilton to meet up with [personal profile] pyat and [personal profile] doc_mystery.

If you go to either of their blogs you can see oodles of pictures.

We grabbed breakfast at a Cora's after getting our unfortunately shaped badges and hit the sale.

We may have gotten a little silly as the day progressed.

My haul was pretty restrained. I got a dented copy of Traders & Barbarians for Settlers of Cataan, the Bullwinkle & Rocky Roleplaying Board Game, and a few books, including finally getting a copy of Buried Secrets for Wraith. Didn't have the ST screen, unfortunately, but I have the book now.

I also picked up Cops, Crews and Cabals for Champions and the Player's Guide to Fighers & Barbarians and Kithbook Eshu.

This afternoon has been yard wokr, and tonight is Dr. Horrible. I have NEWS.
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But, interestingly enough, he seems to be for him.

And his ability to cut a promo seems to be biblical.
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So, anyone using DreamWidth? Like 90% of people who have I'm pretty much just staking it out. Anyone using it as a regular blogging platform? I've contemplated doing the full LJ transfer to it (or to WordPress. I'm somewhat fickle).

As well, I've got two DW invite codes, if anyone wants one.


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